Sports Fair

It’s on days like last Thursday that you realise how resilient pupils at GGS are, as it rained all day but did not dampen the spirit of all the pupils who took part in the Sports Fair.
This event gave local community clubs and sports governing bodies a better understanding of the school ethos around curriculum-based competition and extracurricular sport. It gave local sports clubs the opportunity to raise their profile within the school, allowing pupils to experience opportunities that exist in their local area and bring the pathway from school sport to club sport alive.
It is hoped that the legacy from this event will see more pupils participating in local community sports clubs, more pupils achieving success in sport locally and more pupils gaining leadership skills and qualifications through connecting with their local community sport clubs.
Also we hope that this will be the start of developing the relationship between the school, local sports clubs and governing bodies that will lead to a strengthened local pathway for sport and help develop the breadth of sport-related opportunities available within the school.
At the start of a new school term it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the collective sporting opportunities we have in the local area for our young people. It also highlighted to the pupils making the transition from primary school to secondary school what opportunities exist for them to continue to be active.