U16 Boys’ Rugby, Second Round

Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, made the trip up to play G.G.S. U16 Boys’ Rugby team on Tuesday in the second round of the U16 Scottish Cup.

G.G.S. had high hopes that the home advantage would help them defeat the visitors as kick-off coincided with lunchtime; G.G.S. had a large crowd of very vocal supporters!

Playing into the wind, G.G.S. kicked off and Trinity displayed quick passing and an attacking mentality from the get-go. G.G.S. defence was strong and the forwards and backs worked well together to keep Trinity from entering our 22m.

The first fifteen minutes saw both sides testing each other’s defence and both looked evenly matched. However, after a phase of ten tackles by G.G.S., Trinity made it across the line. They missed their first kick as the wind had picked up, with G.G.S. now playing into a head-wind. G.G.S. 0 – 5 Trinity.

After the restart, the ball was turned over and Alfie Roberts passed out to James Blair (Captain), who went on his first of many runs. The Trinity defence was solid; their ‘tackles made’ percentage throughout the game was very high and the G.G.S. backs struggled to break through. Runs from Declan Sellars, Dylan Coker and Eoin Bakie were stopped short by hard tackles from the Trinity forwards and G.G.S. could not find the gaps in the Trinity defence.

Trinity scored three more tries in the first half, their backs quickly recycling the ball from rucks and using overlaps to score down the wings.

G.G.S. never gave up; more efforts from Kyle Powell and Ewan Baker (a recent addition to the team) saw G.G.S. close to the try line. Trinity responded by making quick tackles and managed to hold the line. The ball was spilled out and the first half ended G.G.S. 0 – 24 Trinity Academy.

The second half saw G.G.S. trying a different approach and turned to a kicking game as the wind was now behind them. James’s kicks were spot on but the Trinity full-back kept a level head and caught the majority.

Trinity countered continuously and scored another two tries. Despite this, G.G.S. never stopped attacking. Alfie and James both worked hard to control the tempo of the game and make good use of the rucks and scrums to find space. James’s side-step and pass and loop flummoxed the opposition and runs from George Taylor-Ramsay and Tulloch Fiddes displayed their speed and strength. Constant battling was rewarded when Kyle Powell managed to get into the Trinity 22 and great support from the forwards managed to push him over the line. This was a well-deserved try for G.G.S. as they did not stop trying to make space or stop attacking.

Unfortunately, this was the only try scored by G.G.S. and more tries from Trinity meant that G.G.S. are out of the Cup. The final score was 5 – 51.

Men of the match : Alfie Roberts played impeccably as scrum-half and worked hard to create chances. James Blair kept his team motivated and was instrumental in several passages of play.

We will be posting photos of the match soon.