Cycling to school

With the October holidays starting soon, it’s worth thinking ahead to the first day back at school.  The clocks change on Sunday 28 October meaning it will increasingly be Dark O’Clock when pupils are cycling to and from school.   So a quick reminder about our cycling policy:

Bikes in school

Rule 60 of the Highway Code states:

  • Bikes must have a white front light and red rear lights lit at night.
  • Bikes must be fitted with a red light reflector on the rear and each pedal needs two amber light reflectors, one on the leading edge and the other on the trailing edge.
  • All the lights must be on from sunset to sunrise therefore, what is important for cyclists is the position of the sun, not how dark it is. As soon as the sun drops behind the horizon bicycle lights should be switched on even if there may be plenty of light left to see by on a clear evening.
  • These legal requirements should be regarded as a minimum expectation.

Our local bike shops are superb and have a great stock of lights, reflectors and other cycling equipment which they can help you out with over the October holidays to make sure our cyclists return to school safely.