Cycling reminder

As always, it’s great to see so many of our pupils cycling to school throughout the year.  However, now that we are in Winter time, can we remind everyone again about our cycling rules through our school value of the week: Respect.

Cyclists and their bikes MUST have:

  • Working front and back brakes so that they can respect the safety of themselves and others.
  • Respect the law of the land which states that once the sun sets, front and back lights must be switched on.  The sun has set by home time now.
  • Respect your head which contains all that learning pupils do in school.  A helmet must be worn at all times.
  • No cycling on School premises – this is part of the council’s Risk Assessment for the campus for safety of pedestrians walking to school.  Respect your peers’ safety.
  • Respect your chain powered steed.  Make sure your bike is in a good state of repair and safe for cycling.

We’ve also had reports of pupils cycling irresponsibly around the community.  We’re a school that prides itself with its close links to our community so it is the responsibility of all our pupils to act accordingly and respect the school’s reputation and the people we live and work so closely with.