S1 and S2 CfE Gradebooks

All pupils in S1 and S2 have had their personal Gradebooks shared with them via email. This is a new initiative by Grantown Grammar that allows teachers to share progress in holistic assessments, test marks and homework with pupils.

As more data is added, progress ‘sparklines’ will show progress visually.

The first sheet is a Pupil Dashboard, with an overview of performance and progress across all subjects. Tabs allow pupils to drill down and examine more detail in individual curricular areas.

As teachers add progress updates your son/daughter’s personal Gradebook will update in real-time (or a little later if the network is busy…!).

Mr McCrow is busy tidying up the Gradebooks’ formatting and adding new functionality. He will create a video guide soon for parents.

Mrs Ritchie will help pupils add their Gradebooks to their e-portfolios next week.