Visit from Tabeetha School pupils and staff

Today we were lucky to have a group of pupils and staff visit us from Tabeetha School from Jaffa, Israel. This was the end of their whistle stop tour of Scotland before flying tomorrow. During the visit the pupils had the opportunity to tour the school, see some giant squirrels in the Art department, sample some fine Scottish fare and then participate in lessons. I’m not sure they were expecting to take part in some Scottish country dancing when in PE!

Pupils from 1RN have been involved in writing letters to their counterparts in Jaffa and were most excited to receive replies. They have written replies and have given the pupils from Tabeetha a present of a signed Scottish flag.

Our pupils did a fantastic job in welcoming the visitors to the school and showing them some excellent hospitality. Thank you Alex, Rio, Leona, Danielle, Grace, Harriet, Siana, Sophie, Rosie, Ruby and Natalie.