All pupils have now received their Chromebooks and the majority of pupils are remembering to take them in to school fully charged and ready to go.

Highland Council have just updated their policy document for Chromebook use and the main points to note are:

● It is the responsibility of the pupil to bring the Chromebook to school and to ensure that it is fully charged for use, Guidance from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service advises that devices should not be left charging overnight. 

● In school the Chromebook must be used as directed by Highland Council teaching staff. 

● The Chromebook must be used in accordance with the Highland Council’s Acceptable Use Policy per:  

● It is also the responsibility of the pupil to ensure that the Chromebook is looked after. It is recommended that you provide the Chromebook with a suitable cover. 

Damage. Loss or Theft of the Chromebook 

● It is the responsibility of the pupil (or their parent/carer) to report any damage, loss or theft of the Chromebook to school without undue delay. In the event that the Chromebook is stolen or lost outwith school it is the responsibility of the pupil (or his parent/carer) to report that loss or theft to the police and to the school. 

● In the event that the Chromebook is stolen, lost or damaged the pupil will be provided with a further Chromebook at the discretion of the School unless it is considered that the Chromebook was so stolen, lost or damaged as a result of conduct by the pupil in which case a further Chromebook will be issued to that pupil but he or she will not be permitted to take the Chromebook home. If it is considered that there has been deliberate loss or damage to a Chromebook by a pupil the Highland Council is entitled to look to the pupil for the cost of such loss or damage.

Pupils can still purchase a Chromebook case from the school – see Mr. Patton for more information.