Learning Through Work Event – Wednesday 6th November

Today both our S3s and S4s had the opportunity to hear from many different local employers as to the work that they could possibly do in the future. We also welcomed pupils from Kingussie High School to the event. Most importantly pupils were able to hear about the many different routes they could take to reach their goals. They were also able to hear from current S6 GGS pupil, Caroline Wilson, who is working on her second year of a Health Care Foundation Apprenticeship.

This FA is two years worth of work and gives Caroline the equivalent qualifications as two highers. As well as the theoretical knowledge she gains from working in classes at UHI she also works on a work based placement gaming valuable on the job training.

Pupils had the opportunity to drive diggers, wear bomb disposal uniform, hear about hospitality and even deliver a baby (don’t worry it was a dummy).

All pupils were highly attentive and were commended by the organisers as to how well they participated in all sessions.

Thanks go to our GGS MyWoW Ambassadors, DYW Inverness Chamber of Commerce and Skills Development Scotland for organising and running such a fantastic event.