University Applications – Deadline

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It is that time of year where many students are preparing their applications for university. Can we ask that pupils endeavour to have sent drafts of their personal statement to either Mr Abenheimer or Mrs Knight. If pupils are having trouble with these please have a look at the guidance documentation on the UCAS Google Classroom or alternatively see a member of the Guidance staff.

All applications should be accompanied by a school reference that is written by a member of the Guidance staff. Pupils are reminded that they should submit a Google Form (found on the UCAS Google Classroom) stating which members of staff they wish to make comment about them for this reference. If a pupil wishes to include a comment from someone from outside the school such as a sports coach or manager from part-time work they are able to do so by having this individual email a comment to the pupil who in turn emails it to the relevant Guidance teacher.

All applications and references should be sent to UCAS before the Christmas break. Pupils will need arrange appointments with their Guidance teacher to do so.