UCAS – Accepting Offers – Update

There are still some people who have yet to accept an offer for moving on to university. There is a deadline in order to accept an offer before your offer no longer to you. There has been an update on offer dates that has been produced by UCAS.

Your reply date is unique to you – check Track to see your deadline.​

Due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government asked universities to stop making unconditional offers or amending existing offers until 4 May (1 May in Wales). This is because they’re worried you’ll feel pressured to accept these offers over others you might be better suited to.

Advice to students who have received an unconditional offer is always to consider whether this is the right provider and course for you, before you make any decision. 

To support you, UCAS will be giving all students more time to make decisions on their offers:  

  • If you receive your last decision on or before 4 June 2020, your reply date is 18 June 2020 (except if you’re using Extra to find a place).
  • If you receive your last decision on or before 13 July 2020, your reply date is 20 July 2020 (including Extra choices).

If you’ve been given an extension, UCAS will have emailed your new decision deadline to you. View the latest coronavirus updates.

Scottish results day will be no later than 4 August