Stay in touch

Please remember that the support team are ready and willing to support your child with any issues that they may be experiencing.  Any difficulties related to school work, low mood, lacking motivation, mental health concerns; anything.  Please get in touch with any one of the support team listed below if you want to share or discuss any concerns, or have any questions you would like answered:-

Secondly, could you please remind your child to register each day on the registration google classroom, between 9am and 12pm.  Any pupil who fails to register 3 days in a row results in the school having to contact home.

Thirdly, could you please check that the school has your most up to date contact details.  This is particularly important during this current crisis so that we can maintain links with pupils and families.  If we need to make contact with a family and we cannot because of outdated contact details, we may have to liaise with social work, even the police, to establish contact.  So if you have a new landline, mobile phone or email address, it is critical that the school knows this. This message was also emailed to every parent, so if you didn’t receive it, then the school do not have your email.

You can contact the school at with any new contact details, but please be sure to give your full name and your son or daughters name also.

Kind regards
Jared Simpson, Depute Head Teacher (acting) – Pastoral