Return to School – Catering

The Catering Team of Highland Council are looking at measures to prepare for schools returning in August. Apart from the increased hygiene measures you would expect, this also includes development of an app for pupils to pre-order lunch, reduced breakfast and snack options and less handling of cash. 

Grantown Grammar would like to encourage parent/guardians to credit their child’s account electronically and below is the link to Highland Council’s web page where you can set this up. Please bear in mind that it can take 3-4 days to credit the account.

Parents/guardians have been emailed their child’s Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) in order to complete application. Please contact if you have not received this.

S1 Pupils will receive their unique pin number on their first day of school and if any pupil forgets their number they can obtain it from the office.  There is further information about dietary requests and free school meals on the Grantown Grammar School website/information/school meals page of the School website, which we will endeavor to keep updated with any developments regarding the canteen services: