Return to School

Happy New Year and welcome back to school for 2021.  This has not been the start that anyone wanted but with true Grantown spirit we are aiming to meet the challenges with positivity and resolve.  As such please find the adapted timetables all pupils will be following from Monday 11th January.  The timetables have been developed with 4 clear aims:

  • To support parents and pupils with a move to online learning in January 2021.
  • To clarify the expectations of online learning for staff, pupils and parents/carers.
  • To ensure health and wellbeing is foremost for staff, pupils and parents/carers.
  • To give consistency in approach to online learning and teaching for pupils in Grantown Grammar School. 

Registration – Your child will be asked to register online every morning. A registration form will appear every day in their GGS Registration Classroom – it is vital that all pupils register by 0930 every day as attendance will be monitored closely both by the school and the authority. The register will be open from 0700 and you will receive a text if your child does not register by 0930. To register, your child just needs to follow the steps in the post and if they have any difficulties then please contact the Guidance team.

S1-3 Timetable – It is important that your child engages as much as possible with the work being set. If they are struggling or have issues they must get in touch with their class teacher or guidance teacher (by email).  If in doubt, pupils should submit work which is partially completed rather than no work at all. We will be monitoring engagement and following up on any concerns we have.  We have provided a timetable (below) to help the pupils structure their learning and we recommend that they follow this timetable as it links to when staff are available online for support.  We understand not all family situations will allow this and should you need further assistance with structuring your learning please contact the guidance staff.

S1-3 Timetable –

S4-6 Pupils – 2020 has been a hugely turbulent year.  With no exams this academic year it is imperative that pupils maintain their learning so that they are in the best position to produce the assessment evidence when they return to school.  All pupils have set target grades that they are working towards and must complete all the work set if they hope to attain these target grades.  As a result the work which is assigned in the senior phase is mandatory.  We strongly recommend that pupils use the timetable provided to complete the work as again it correlates with online support.  We also appreciate that not all pupils will be able to follow this timetable but the work that has been set should still be completed by the deadline provided.  Again, pupils should submit partially completed work rather than no work at all.  If pupils are having difficulties structuring their learning please contact your guidance teacher.

S4-6 Timetable –

Assigning and Submitting work – All Senior phase work will be assigned by 0930 on a specific day (Mon – Wed depending on the subject).  The work set will have enough content and depth to fill the time allocation for that subject for the week (7 days).  The hand in time will be a week from the date assigned and will be specified on the assignment details.  Pupils must complete all the tasks involved or seek advice/support to complete the tasks.  All staff will be using google classroom and assigning work as an assignment.  Pupils will find this work in the classroom section of their google classrooms.

Support – We appreciate the difficulties all parents, pupils, carers and staff face during this new lockdown.  We want everyone to know that we are in this together and if there’s any way the school can support your family or your child’s learning please contact us.

TASK FOR ALL PUPILS – To ensure all pupils are fully prepared to start their learning on Monday we have set a quick task for them in the GGS Registration class.  The task requires them to write out their new timetable so they are prepared for Monday.  All pupils will be able to access the task in the GGS registration google classroom – classwork – NEW Timetable or just follow the link.

NEW Timetable task –

Yours faithfully

Mrs McGonigal, Mr Wilson, Mr Ross
Senior Leadership Team