Read & Write for Google

Read&Write for Google Chrome is an extension which has been rolled out for access by all Highland pupils. All pupils should have access to it on their Chromebook. 

It is a toolbar which provides pupils with a variety of tools to support their literacy including: converting text to speech to help with reading; converting speech to text to help with writing; text and picture dictionaries; predictive text; and screen masks/ tints to reduce visual stress. 

This tool will be especially useful for classwork and assessments, when pupils are working from home. The Learning Support Department will be getting in touch with some pupils individually about how to make the best use of this app. 

This video gives you a brief overview of some of the things that the extension can do, click on the youtube link below:

This link takes you to a document with a quick reference guide for the tools available in the toolbar:

Pupils should find that they already have the extension loaded for their Chromebooks, they can then pin it to their toolbar at the top, so that it is always accessible to them.  Staff will be doing more training on this tool over the next week, so we will be giving you some top tips as we go!