Senior Pupil Assessment Windows

All Senior Pupils were issued with details of the Assessment Window on Monday (29 March).

To help with planning, here are the details of what was shared.

The column-by-column structure is set out here.

A more detailed day-by-day breakdown of assessments is here. Please pay close attention to courses, levels and dates as some pupils taking courses “off column”, College courses etc may find themselves at a slightly different time. You’ll also see that some assessments haven’t been allocated a room yet but rest assured these will be added asap.

An Assessment planner can be found here and a handy study planner can be found here – there are plenty of online options as well.

The Road Map through Assessments which details timings and deadlines can be found here.

Departments have also been adding course content and revision details to Google Classrooms which pupils can access at any time.

As always, please ask if there is anything our young people aren’t sure about.