S1 Pupils – Scottish Counselling Service

This year has been a difficult one for many different reasons and may have effected people in many different ways.

As part of our ongoing support we would like to offer all pupils in S1 the opportunity to meet with one of our school counsellors, Maddie. During their PSE time Guidance Teachers will show pupils how to make a referral to Maddie using our self referral system. Maddie works for an independent organisation called the Scottish Counselling Service which have many years experience in supporting young people with a variety of issues.

These sessions are not compulsory and any parent/carer who wishes for their child to not see the counsellor can contact the school. If a pupil does not wish to see the counsellor they can contact their Guidance teacher via school email or google hangouts.

If you would like more information on what counselling is and what to possibly expect then please see the link below: