P7 Transition Week Information

Good evening.

I hope that you are all looking forward to coming to the grammar school on Monday. All the staff at school are looking forward to seeing you.

Just a wee bit of information for you:

  • On Monday when you come into school you should aim to be in the school assembly hall for around 8.45-8.50. Here you will be met by Mrs McGonigal who will give you a welcome to the school and explain a bit about life at GGS.
  • You will be assigned your houses and you will meet your tutor teachers and accompany them to their classrooms. Once there you will receive your timetables and meet your buddies.
  • You will check to make sure your chrome books can connect to the school network.
  • You will then get an opportunity to have a look around the school and put money on your school canteen account.
  • Once finished you will return to the school assembly hall to then get ready to go off to your period 2 classes.
  • Make sure to bring with you the usual school equipment; school bag, pencil case and Chromebook, if you have one from primary school. If you do not have one from primary school we will provide you with one. MAKE SURE TO BRING THEM CHARGED.
  • You should come dressed in your usual school uniform as this will help us identify who is who.

Look forward to seeing you on Monday.