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Mr Dugal McCrow (PT)


The purpose of the Business Education courses is to develop learners’ understanding of the way in which businesses operate in the current dynamic and changing environment, and to encourage enterprising attitudes.

Use of a computer at home for school work can extend a pupil’s ability in the use of IT and learning to type fast and accurately is one of the most important computer skills they can learn. Links to the BBC touch typing program can be found on the BBC website –

Many subjects are starting to use Google Classroom for storing class resources as well as a homework tool. Pupils need to log into Google with their username and password to access this.

Courses on offer:

S1/2 ICT
In first year, pupils develop their skills in information technology by using the computer for the following IT packages and programs:
• word processing
• presentations
• spreadsheets
• graphics
• email and
• using the Internet
The learner also develops his/her knowledge of online safety.  S1 Plan 2017-18

In second year, pupils continue to develop their skills in information technology by using the following applications on the computer: Microsoft Office 2010 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook, as well as graphics programs for creating and manipulating images and animations, and learning how to effectively search for information and images on the Internet. The pupils also further develop their knowledge of online safety. They are introduced to computer programming by learning how to code using Scratch and coding websites such as and they also create their own websites in HTML and by using S2 Plan Jan 18
S2 Plan 17-18

S3 BGE Business with ICT
The Business and IT course provides an opportunity for pupils in third year to learn about different types of business, the skills and attributes of an entrepreneur and how to meet customers’ needs. The course will give learners an understanding of the external influences on a business, such as political and economic factors. It will look at current business practice and have a strong focus on communication.
Pupils also have the chance to acquire skills in word processing, spreadsheets and databases, to use the Internet to find information, to use e-mail and create presentations. Pupils will use technology to create blogs, wikis and websites. The course also covers health and safety in the workplace and the security of people, property and information.
The BGE course in Business and IT can provide progression to the Business course at National 4 and the Business Management courses at National 5 and Higher.

National 4 Business
The course covers a range of topics including how small businesses operate such as the management of people, finance, marketing and operations, the influences on business (such as internal and external stakeholders and the business environment) and the importance of customer satisfaction.
A project must be completed as part of the course which involves researching a small local business and preparing a simple business proposal to improve its effectiveness. ICT is used in the course where relevant.
All assessments are internally marked but may be externally verified. There is no final exam. National 4 Business in a Nutshell

National 5 Business Management
As National 4, but with an external assessment and a 2 hour final exam worth 90 marks. The project is worth 30 marks and counts towards the final grade. National 5 Business Management in a Nutshell

Higher Business Management
This course is offered to senior pupils on an on-line basis with mentoring support only. Pupils involved will be timetabled with the National class and will follow the Higher syllabus using the on-line Scholar Course (offered by Heriot Watt University in partnership with Highland Council).  Higher BMgt in a Nutshell

Internet Safety is covered in ICT in first and second year.
Internet Safety

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