Parents’ Evening

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently looking at how we can offer Parent Consultations safely.

Letter to Parent/Guardians – issued 23/11/20

Parents and Carers are invited to attend appointments to discuss their child’s progress, with their chosen subject teachers.

Pupils will be given an appointment sheet. You can indicate on the sheet, the teachers you would like to see and sign it before the pupils start to make appointments. Please can you also bring the appointment sheet with you on the evening, it is the only copy of your appointments.

Appointments are between 6.00pm and 8.00pm and are of five minute duration. A five minute gap has been built into your child’s appointment sheet to allow for ‘travelling time’.  Please note that although your child’s appointment sheet has these gaps, the teachers’ sheets do not.  Half of the year group will have been issued with ‘even’ times and the other half with ‘odd’ times. A bell will ring every five minutes to facilitate the smooth running of appointments.

Guidance Teachers and members of the Senior Management Team will be available on the evening.