Coursework, Revision & Exams

Senior phase pupils will start to sit their SQA exams at the end of April 2019.  Below are some useful documents to inform and prepare them during this time.

Exam countdown planner

GGS Exam timetable (NOTE, this has differences from main SQA timetable!!)

SQA Your Exams 2019 – brochure also available in different languages

SQA “Dinnae get Swerved” – leaflet on how you receive your results

Final details for exam – presentation by Mr Ross 2019

Study leave formally begins on Thursday 25 April 2019.  However, Mrs McGonigal has issued this letter explaining the more detailed arrangements for those of you sitting exams on 25 & 26 April 2019.

Study leave letter – issued on 12/03/19

Programme of activities – held in school, during study leave.

Your SQA coursework is completed throughout the year.  Certain aspects of the course have to be completed at certain times.  This information details those deadline dates and rules associated with your coursework.

SQA Your coursework 2018-19 – brochure

Coursework deadline dates for pupils

Getting prepared for exams is essential to your success.  You have experienced what it feels like to sit exams during prelims. Use your results and this information to be better prepared for the real thing.

Prelim exam timetable –  held between 31/02/19 – 14/02/19

Teachers offering extra supported study in school

SQA past papers and marking guidelines

Scholar revision guide – information leaflet for pupils

Advice on food and exercise

GGS guidance teachers – here to help

Childline’s Beat Exam Stress – leaflet

Information about what happens after exams.  Notification of exam results, the appeal process and applications to further education.

SQA “Dinnae get Swerved” – leaflet on how you receive your results

Consideration for exceptional circumstances

How appeals and estimates work – presentation

Post Results Service letter (10/06/19)

Websites with further advice;

National Parent Forum of Scotland
Nationals in a nutshell – information leaflet
Revision resources – information leaflet

Parent Zone

Scholar online study aid – information leaflet