Coursework, Revision & Exams

Following the Scottish Governments’ announcement that exams would be cancelled for 2021, here is an update from SQA regarding how assessments and coursework will be gathered and an update from Mr Ross explains how the school will be ensuring that all pupils get the predicted grades they are working towards.  SQA Update

There is also a link to the assessment window which is similar to previous year’s prelims but focuses on gathering SQA evidence for predicted grades. These assessments will feed into the ongoing gathering of SQA evidence. Predicted grades will be based on the latest and best examples and evidence of pupil work and assessment throughout the year but this assessment window could be an important part of this process.  

Assessment Window Timetable

The following part of the website contains information that would usually be helpful to pupils preparing for exams, but due to the ongoing Pandemic and cancellation of SQA exams for 2020/21, please refer to the most current guidance above.

As well as pupil’s own Google classroom resources on their chromebooks, you can see what each subject page has linked to on this website, but here are some useful ones to start with:

Scholar revision guide – information leaflet for pupils
SQA past papers and marking guidelines
Scholar online study aid – information leaflet

Health and Wellbeing
Your health and wellbeing is vitally important during this time. Remember your Guidance teacher is there to help and can offer alternatives of people you can talk to, if that would make you more comfortable.

Advice on food and exercise
Childline’s Beat Exam Stress – leaflet

Study Leave
Study leave dates will be updated here.

SQA Exams
Senior phase pupils usually start to sit their SQA exams from April each year.  Below are some useful documents to inform and prepare them during this time.
Exam countdown pl
GGS Exam timetable – 2019
SQA exam timetable for GGS – 2019
SQA – Information on what you need to know for exam day, preparing coursework and how you receive your results.
SQA “Dinnae get Swerved” – leaflet on how you receive your results
Final details for exam – presentation by Mr Ross 2019

Your SQA coursework is completed throughout the year.  Certain aspects of the course have to be completed at certain times.  Below are the deadline dates and rules associated with your coursework.
SQA Your coursework 2018-19
Coursework deadline dates for pupils

Information about what happens after exams.  Notification of exam results, the appeal process and applications to further education.

SQA “Dinnae get Swerved” – leaflet on how you receive your results
Consideration for exceptional circumstances
How appeals and estimates work – presentation
Post Results Service letter 10/06/19

Websites with further advice;

National Parent Forum of Scotland
Nationals in a nutshell – information leaflet
Revision resources – information leaflet
Parent Zone