Coursework, Revision & SQA Exams

Study Leave

The SQA exam diet runs from Monday 25 April to Wednesday 1 June 2022.  At Grantown Grammar School, pupils who are sitting National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams can take Study Leave from Monday 25 April – Friday 27 May inclusive.  All pupils are expected to return on Monday 30 May with the exception of Computing Studies candidates who will  have their exam on Monday 30 May and can therefore go home after their exam.

All returning pupils who are sitting 3+ exams at National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher can take the full exam leave.  All returning pupils who are sitting a mix of National 4/5 subjects or fewer than 3 subjects at Higher can take a reduced period of exam leave and this should be discussed with Guidance staff in the first instance. All returners who are sitting no exams should also speak to Guidance about their timetable during study leave.

We will be offering a programme of skills for life, learning and work combined with work placements where possible during the study leave period.  Pupils who are not sitting 3+ exams will be expected to attend a timetable of sessions in agreement with Guidance staff and their parents.  The full programme will be published next week.  In place of the timetabled sessions, pupils may wish to arrange their own work experience and again, this can be agreed with Guidance staff and parents.  Pupils who are sitting 3+ exams are also very welcome to attend some of the timetabled sessions if they would like to.

During study leave, pupils are very welcome to come into school to study.  They should wear school uniform and sign in and out at reception.  There will be a dedicated room available for pupils to study in.  Staff will be very happy to help pupils during study leave whenever they can, but pupils should be aware lessons for S1 – S3 pupils continue throughout study leave and should therefore not interrupt those lessons.

As well as pupil’s own Google classroom resources on their chromebooks, please check what each subject has links to on the pupil website, here are some useful ones to start with:

Scholar revision guide – information leaflet for pupils
SQA past papers and marking guidelines
Scholar online study aid – information leaflet

SQA Exams
Senior phase pupils will sit their SQA exams from Monday 25 April to Wednesday 1 June 2022. 

Below are some useful documents to inform and prepare them during this time.

SQA Exam timetable –
GGS Exam timetable –

SQA – Information on what you need to know for exam day, preparing coursework and how you receive your results on 9 August 2022.
MySQA sign up – sign up to receive your results by text or email.
Final Exam details for pupils – presentation by Mr Ross 2019

Your SQA coursework is completed throughout the year.  Certain aspects of the course have to be completed at certain times.  Below are the deadline dates and rules associated with your coursework.
SQA Your coursework 2021-22
Pupils can request for their Art & Design or Photography folios that have been sent to SQA, to be returned. This can only be done by the pupil/parent directly via the SQA website

For both 2D folios together, the fee is £3.91. If you want your 3D design back, the total cost rises to £11.51.
You need to apply and pay for this return yourself via ‘candidate request’ before 30/9/22 on:

If both expressive and design folios are required, both need to be requested at the same time.  The cost is per subject, per level.

If you have financial issues that would prevent you being able to afford this, please talk to your guidance teacher.

Exam Results

Information about what happens after exams.  Notification of exam results, the appeal process and applications to further education.

An Information letter on the SQA Results Day and Appeals Procedure for all Senior Pupils.

SQA Results Day and Appeals Procedure – letter issued 14/06/22

Health and Wellbeing
Your health and wellbeing is vitally important during this time. Remember your Guidance teacher is there to help and can offer alternatives of people you can talk to, if that would make you more comfortable.

Advice on food and exercise
Childline’s Beat Exam Stress – leaflet

Websites with further advice;

National Parent Forum of Scotland
Nationals in a nutshell – information leaflet
Revision resources – information leaflet
Parent Zone