Learning Support

Mrs Lorna Crane, Principal Teacher
Mrs Alison Simon
Mrs Linda MacGregor

Pupil Support Assistants
Mrs. Rensner
Mrs. McFadyen
Mrs. MacLeod
Mrs. Taylor
Mr. Shearon
Mrs. Sullivan
Mrs. MacDonald
Mrs Grant

Our Department aims:

  • To enable pupils to fulfil their potentials.
  • To promote diligence and provide maximun opportunity for the talents of all pupils to be identified and developed through a range of learning experiences.
  • To keep abreast of all technologies available to assist our learners.
  • To work closely with GGS subject staff , external agencies and partners.
  • To support our learners with ASNs ranging from minor to temporary, major to prolonged.
  • To design and support course and units which employ a differentiated approach and cater for a wide variety of pupil needs.

Our role:

  • Consultancy
  • Co-operative teaching
  • Direct tuition
  • Special Provision
  • Staff development

ASL guide v5 Aug 15

Mrs Crane
Mrs MacFadyen
Mrs MacLeod
Mrs Taylor
Mr Shearon
Mrs Sullivan
Mrs MacDonald