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If you are ever struggling with a new concept in class, trying to catch up from being off school sick, or for whatever reason needing help, you can come into Maths any break or lunchtime for help.

Purchase approved scientific calculator at discounted price

Grantown Grammar School are able to offer pupils the latest solar powered, scientific calculator for a hugely discounted price. To take advantage of this offer, please bring £9.00 to the school office before Thursday 7 November.

The Casio FX-85GTX is the UK’s best-selling Dual-powered Scientific calculator and some of its features, include:

  • Solar powered with a battery back up.
  • 276 functions; new functions on the ‘GTX’ model include ratio, digit Separator, advanced Statistics, advanced tables and variables list
  • Slide-on protective hard cover.
  • Clear 192 x 63 LCD display
  • Easy and clear menu function
  • Natural textbook display, shows Mathematical expressions as they appear in textbook
  • Recommended and approved for use within National and Higher exams.

Below is a link to the Numeracy Guide for Teachers, Pupils and Parents.
Numeracy Guide


National 3/4/5 (Lifeskills Maths)

The National 3 Lifeskills Mathematics Course will help learners to become numerate, to make sense of the world around them and to function responsibly and independently in everyday life. The Course includes the study of number, money, shape, space and measurement in everyday life, allowing individuals to interpret data and tackle real-life situations. It is designed to develop the learners’ skills relevant to learning, life and work in an engaging and enjoyable way. The Course develops confidence in the subject and a positive attitude towards further study in mathematics and other subject areas which use mathematics.

On completing the course, students will have developed the confidence to know when to use mathematics and numeracy in real-life situations, select the most appropriate mathematical and numerical skills to use, know how to apply those skills, and then make informed choices based on their interpretation of the results.

Entry requirement – none for National 3 or 4 Lifeskills Maths.

National 4/5 (Maths)

The National 4/5 Maths course will:

  • motivate and challenge students by enabling them to select and apply mathematical techniques in a variety of mathematical and real-life situations
  • develop confidence in the subject and a positive attitude towards further study in mathematics
  • develop skills in manipulation of abstract terms in order to solve problems and to generalise
  • allow learners to interpret, communicate and manage information in mathematical form, skills which are vital to scientific and technological research and development
  • develop the learner’s skills in using mathematical language and to explore mathematical ideas
  • develop skills relevant to learning, life and work in an engaging and enjoyable way

Entry requirement – none for National 4 Maths but a sound understanding of basic mathematical concepts built up in S1-S3 is required for National 5 Maths.


Higher Mathematics is a demanding course and consists of three mandatory units which require students to demonstrate a detailed understanding of algebra, geometry, graphicacy and elementary calculus.

Entry recommendation – a grade A or B pass at National 5.

Advanced Higher (by application)

Advanced Higher Maths extends a student’s knowledge developed during the Higher in topics such as calculus, graphicacy and recurrence relations. It also introduces a variety of new concepts such as matrices for solving systems of linear equations, complex numbers, mathematical proof, vector equations of lines and planes, matrices, their applications to geometrical transformations and the Maclaurin series with simple applications.

Entry recommendation – an A or B grade at Higher level.

Home Learning

Home learning activities are an important part of all courses.

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