Dinosaurs from Scotland’s Jurassic Isle

On Friday 30 November, 3 pupils visited a very grand Inverness Townhouse to listen to world renowned dinosaur expert, Dr. Neil Clark. Nicknamed “Jurassic Clark”, his talk, entitled, Dinosaurs from Scotland’s Jurassic Isle, was a real insight into the Scottish landscape in the mid- Jurassic period , around 163-164 million years ago and was thoroughly enjoyed by Gregor [S1], Ruairidh [S1] and Craig {S6]

Findings on the Isle of Skye, of dinosaur footprints and bones now hint that Ornithopods, herbivorous creatures who walked on two legs, along with the carnivorous Megalosaurus and the omnivorous Cetiosaurus and Stegosaurus once roamed there. In early 2018, a team of researchers from Edinburgh University also found and photographed about 50 footprints in the tidal area close to Rubha nam Braithrean (Brothers’ Point). Most of the prints were made by long-necked sauropods – which stood up to 2m (6.5ft) tall – and by theropods, which were the older cousins of Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

However, the latest news, is a hint that Inverness, and the coast heading North will also become investigated too, which is very exciting for Paleontologists; young and old. Craig [S6] a life long dinosaur enthusiast and illustrator was very keen to meet Clark again, as the last time they had met was at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, when he was in S2- aged 14. However, the busy geologist and paleontologist still had time at the end to chat to Craig about his latest drawings and offer advice – inspiring the next generation!

The T Rex and his little hands! What did he use them for?

Dr. Neil Clark delighted to look at at Craig’s dinosaur drawings.



Today Christmas canes early to Grantown. Santa and her helpers handed out new Chomebooks to all pupils. If any pupil was absent please see Mr Magowan.

S1 Parents’ Evening

The S1 Parents’ Evening will be held on Wednesday 5 December 2018 between
6.00pm – 8.00pm.
Pupils have been given their appointment sheet. We request that Parents/Guardians indicate on the sheet the teachers they would like to see and sign it, before their child starts to make appointments.  Please bring the appointment sheet with you on the evening, as it is the only copy of your appointments.
Appointments are of five minute duration. A five minute gap has been built into your child’s appointment sheet to allow for ‘travelling time’.  Please note that although your child’s appointment sheet has these gaps, the teachers’ sheets do not. Half of the year group will have been issued with ‘even’ times and the other half with ‘odd’ times.
A bell will ring every five minutes to facilitate the smooth running of appointments.
Guidance Teachers and members of the Senior Management Team will also be available on the evening.


They’re a wee while away yet, but we’ve made a couple of changes to the proposed overall dates of the Prelims and wanted to let everyone know ASAP.  Pupils will receive their individual timetables after the Christmas holidays:

Prelims 2018-19

St Andrew’s Day – Dress in Tartan

To mark this year’s St Andrew’s Day as well as World Aids Day (Saturday 1st December) pupils are being asked to dress up in tartan. From kilts to trews, scarfs to hats; wear it with pride. Pupils can purchase tartan World Aids Day ribbons for a small donation.

2RK Outdoor Ed. Update

Due to the current weather forecast for Thursday 29 November, the decision has been taken to postpone 2RK’s Biking adventure until Thursday 13 December.  Pupils will follow their normal school timetable instead.

Ski Training


This Winter we will be offering pupils the opportunity to benefit from ski coaching with Cairngorm Ski Club, in partnership with BASI, Wilderness Scotland, Natural Retreats and Cairngorm Ski Club on Tuesday afternoons.  Training dates are 15, 22, 29 January, 5, 26 February, 5, 12, 26 March and 2 April (9 weeks in total).

The coaching group will be made up of potential BASI level 1 trainees (aged 15+) and a group of Development trainees.  Interested pupils can collect a letter and application form from the school office or download it here: Ski Training Letter. The deadline for returning these forms is this Friday, 30 November.

Silver at Scottish Disability Swimming championships

On Wednesday 21st November , two senior pupils from Grantown Grammar School travelled to Tollcross, International Swimming Pool in Glasgow for the finals of the Scottish Disability Swimming championships. Rona [S6] and Scott [S5] had both qualified for their event – 25 m Freestyle, after winning the Highland Regional Swimming Championships in Inverness, earlier on in the year.

Despite the early start, [6 a.m.]both swimmers were up bright and breezy and made it to Glasgow for 9.30 a.m. only to discover that they were not actually getting into the warm up pool until Session 3, after 2 p.m! Instead of waiting 4 hours for their events to kick off, accompanied by Pupil support Assistant [and actual Swim Coach] Holly Dunbar and Mrs. Blair [Driver] the swimmers headed to Strathclyde park for a warm up walk – a very long 1.5 hr walk round the loch! However, it meant that there was no big delay once they returned to the pool.

Rona qualified in 2nd place in her heat and Scott finished 3rd in his heat – securing spots in the final. The finals were a very grand affair- proper timekeepers, tanoys to announce athletes to lanes and an electronic starter gun. Both pupils swam fantastically to secure 2nd and 4th places. Rona, just being pipped for 1st place and Scott narrowly missing the bronze medal spot. They did the Highland team of swimmers proud and everyone at GGS is delighted by their performances


RONA winning Silver medal in 25 m Freestyle