Free Period Products for pupils.

On Tuesday 24 November, Scotland made sanitary products free to all who need them, becoming the first country in the world to do so.

The Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill was introduced in April 2019 by Scottish Labour’s health spokeswoman Monica Lennon MSP with the aim of tackling “period poverty”, which is when some people who need period products struggle to afford them.

Lennon said: “This will make a massive difference to the lives of women and girls and everyone who menstruates. There has already been great progress at a community level and through local authorities in giving everyone the chance of period dignity.

Free period products are available to all female pupils in the girls’ toilets and also available in larger quantities from Mrs da Costa in Guidance.

GGS Fearless

This Google form is to allow you to report issues such as name calling, bullying, homophobia, racism, etc to the school so that we are able to deal with this.

Once submitted your report will be dealt with by either a member of pupil support or a member of senior management in the school.

Be reassured that in any dealings with individuals your name will not be mentioned.

BEBRAS Challenge Winners!

Pupils can access their Bebras Challenge results and will be going over their answers in class.

Different year groups attempted different levels. S1-3 attempted Intermediate. National 5 Computing attempted Seniors, and Higher Computing attempted Elite.

Every pupil tried hard to solve the various problems and I was very proud of the way they all without exception concentrated hard on their tasks for a whole lesson. Everyone who participated should be proud of their staying power!

Bebras have identified pupils who excelled:

Elite (Higher)

Best In School : Luke Nicolson

Distinction : Rachael Blair

Merit : Calum Filer, Ernie Smith

Seniors (National 5)

Best in School : Calum Collie

Distinction : Brian Lawrence, Rio Nicolson, Justin Sinclair

Merit : James Fleming, Peter Sproul (S2)

Intermediates (BGE)

Best in School : Abbie Borthwick (S1)

Distinction : 42 pupils across S1-3

Merit : 32 pupils


A reminder for pupils who are newly joining the 2022 Snowsports trip, that the first deposit is due in tomorrow please. If your child no longer wishes to have a place on the trip, please can you let Mrs Knight know, as we have a waiting list of people waiting to join us! Thank you!

Senior Phase Gradebook Reports

Pupils in Senior Phase (S4/5/6) have today been issued with a printed report from their Gradebooks to show how they are progressing in their chosen exam subjects. This document can also be viewed on their chromebooks.
Could parents/guardians please ensure you return the acknowledgement slip to the school office as soon as possible so we know you have received this and feel free to give feedback on this new style of reporting.

SQA – Your Coursework

This is the SQA “Your Coursework” document that we issue to Senior pupils every year. It’s basically the rules for how pupils should produce coursework as part of their National 4 – AH subjects. It basically says, “don’t cheat… and here’s what we mean by cheat”.

But with large chunks of the coursework element removed this year, some of our pupils could think this isn’t important. However, Nat 4 courses are running as normal, Nat 5 pupils need to produce work for teachers to make a judgement on what grade they will predict and Higher/Adv Higher have to produce coursework for some subjects and need to have work tucked aside in case final exams don’t happen. All of that work needs to be theirs, to the best of their ability and… no cheating. So, despite the changes this year, pupils really need to read this. Paper copies are in Reception if they want a hard copy.

Grantown Grammar Gives – Blythswood Shoeboxes

Santa’s Fiat 500 full of gifts.

On Tuesday three of our intrepid S6 pupils made the journey to Forres to deliver our Blythswood Shoeboxes.

After some initial difficulty the girls were able to find the correct van (the sign had fallen off) and offload a fantastic 25 shoeboxes.

Thank you to all the staff and pupils for their wonderful donations. A very big thank you to our S6 elves for packing and wrapping the shoeboxes. Finally a massive thank you to Emily Strang, Christie Rose and Lucy Edmondson for agreeing to drive the shoeboxes to Forres.

Emily, Christie and Lucy
Packed full to bursting.
Final box!
A job well done.

BBC Own it: keyboard and diary – Online Safety and Cyberbullying

The BBC Own It keyboard and app

The Own It app gives you advice when you need, in real-time as you type! Helping you to make smart choices, feel more confident, and live your best life online.

The Own It app helps you take control of your online life!

What’s new?

Glad you asked! You wanted new and amazing ways to express yourself online – the Own It keyboard and app gives you the best and coolest tools for chat goals!

Group chat getting dull? get your friends fired up with conversation starters and loads of other fun ways to keep the convo going.

If you’re feeling emosh, tell your mates instantly with our new emoticons

We’ve topped all these new features off with a keyboard you can customise – so go on – express yourself with Own It!

Available for iphone and android.