Europarc Junior Rangers

Congratulations to Amy Leigh McFadyen, Jamie Edmondson, Blaine Dodds, Brook Taylor, Kuba Smolarz, Greg Price, Joe Thomson and Euan Gregson who all successfully completed their Junior Ranger week. They braved the snows on Cairngorm, the mud in Anagach woods and they survived when they had to gut and cook their own lunch on a fire having built their shelter. They studied the biodiversity of Insh marshes and had to present to their parents, friends and families on friday evening, before being awarded their certificates and receiving their t-shirts and caps.

Hopefully they will all get involved in the follow-on activites provided by the various Ranger teams.


Pretty in pink!

On Saturday 23rd May at Canal Park in Inverness, home of HRFC, 10 intrepid “Touch” rugby players reprugby May 2015resenting GGS participated in a “Touch Rugby” tournament to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer. The team “The Grantown Massive” comprised; Mrs. Blair [Captian], Mr. Magowan [Head of P.E and former International Rugby player]. Senior pupils; Rona Davis [current U’20 Scotland Squad player] Lesley Davis, Louise Blair, Ailsa Hepburn [all former Scottish cup team members] and the very quick boys; Gus and Angus Richards, Stevie Rutledge [former pupil] and Jake Mills.

Clad in pink – some more tightly than others- the team squeezed through the group stages to reach a Semi final spot against “Clermont Average”. However, the semi proved 1 step too far for the “Massive” and they bowed out 2-3 to the team with a current U’20 International man on their side! [He was fast!] Jas Hepburn [Rugby coach and former Scottish Universities squad member] was sprinting about in one of the other pool groups – but alas we did not meet in the latter stages! 22 teams entered the event and it is expected that the total sum raised was  4 figures. Special thanks to Mrs. McGonigal and Aliesha Brown for water, kit bag management and moral support.

Higher Environmental Science and Higher PE

These exams are on Monday 1/6/15.  This is a School Inset Day so there will be no other pupils in the building except those sitting the exam.  The Canteen will also be closed!

You need to bring your own food if you want a snack before or after the exam (09:00 – 11:30).

Remind your friends!

Staff Sunflower growing competition

Staff sunflower growing competition! 2015


Two seeds!sunflower

Free pot and compost [available from greenhouse!]

Lots of water

Lots of love


September 16th 2015 at Greenhouse [1.30 p.m.]

Did you know?

The sunflower gets its name from the Greek words Helios meaning sun and anthos meaning flower.

Medicinal uses included everything from wart removal, to snake bite and sunstroke treatment

See you all on September 16th. N.B Sunflowers make you happy!


S1/S2 and S3 Award Ceremonies

The BGE Award ceremonies will be as follows:

Monday 25 May 11.45 am – S1/S2 Awards

Tuesday 26 May 11.45 am – S3 Awards

Pupils should go to their period 4 class after break before being directed to the hall.

Being crafty with The Craft Lounge!

broochesMhairi Ross, owner of The Craft Lounge spent her final Tuesday afternoon in the Learning Support department today helping pupils to put the the final touches to their felt brooches. The little “crafty” project, involved different groups of pupils felting, stretching, cutting, arranging, glueing and finally presenting their beautiful brooches, so that they are now all set for sale in The Craft Lounge, the High Street, Grantown on Spey. Don’t delay!

New School Office

The School Office Staff have now moved into their new home.  Pupils (and parents) should note that the library reception is no longer in use.  All pupil access to the new office should be by the double doors at the canteen.  Pupils should not enter by the front door, even if they arrive late.

Books and Resources

Will senior pupils please return books and other resources as quickly as possible after each subject exam, so that teachers can organise their class materials for the new timetable starting on 2 June?  Thank you.

New Reception Area

Whilst the new Reception/Admin area is nearly finished it is not ready yet and the main switchboard cannot yet be moved into the new office.

Until further notice access to the admin block is for staff only except for pupils who:

  1. have been called down by a member of Senior Management
  2. who urgently need to see Mrs Carson, Mr Ross or Mrs McGonigal in person – messages can be left in Library Reception
  3. have been given a direct instruction to go to the new office reception