Senior Assessment Windows

Following Mrs McGonigal recent Newsletter which explained the process for the remaining senior assessments, please find the details about Assessment Window 2 here. It’s the same file that we’ve been using throughout the assessment window with a number of tabs at the bottom.

The tabs at the bottom give a list of assessment dates for each stage of of the process. The main change for Assessment Window 2 is that we’ve moved from Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 3 weeks to Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for 2 weeks.  We believe this is the best option to allow pupils to maximise time and produce their best evidence.

Community Testing – 12 May

As you may have seen from the press, the recent small cluster of Covid-19 cases in the Grantown area are of a variant “under investigation”.  I have been in close contact with Public Health consultants who have reassured me that there are no additional risks and that they are confident that the cluster has been contained.  However, they are keen to check that there has been no further spread within the wider community and have set up a mobile testing unit for PCR tests which will be in Burnfield Avenue from Wednesday 12 May.  If you or your child would like to get a test, there is no need to isolate while you wait for the results as is usually the case with tests. 

They have also recommended that all S6 pupils have tests, and again there is no need for pupils to isolate so this shouldn’t have any effect on the Assessment window.

I know that this update may cause concern but please be reassured, as I have been, that this is very much a precautionary exercise.  We have all worked hard to keep our community safe and, if we continue to follow Covid Guidelines by wearing masks, keeping distant where possible, using hand sanitiser and keeping our windows open that we will get through this too.  Keep calm and carry on, we are almost through this now!

Take care Claire McGonigal, Headteacher

Assessment Window 1

Senior pupils are currently working in class time to produce evidence that allows their teachers to start building up evidence that will be used to award final grades.

The Assessment Window is a live file and we’ve had a few small changes lately so want to draw them to people’s attention. Most of the alterations are about room changes or have been scheduled by UHI for pupils studying courses at Inverness College which GGS pupils will have ben informed about by their college lecturer. The changes are highlighted in Column M and the file can be found here: Click

HPV Vaccination Consent Letters

Last week HPV vaccination letters were sent home via school bag mail for S1 girls and boys and for any S2 boy and S2-S6 girls who have not yet received a 1st course HPV vaccine. Pupils are required to return their consent forms to the school office by the end of the day on Friday.

Option Choices – S2 moving into S3

As pupils progress from S1 to S3 they follow a Broad General Education that gives them a wide variety of learning experiences.  As they move from S2 into S3 pupils they then start to get an opportunity to personalise part of their curriculum and make 3 choices of what they would like to study.  The main emphasis of the S3 curriculum is still on a broad range of learning experiences and pupils will continue to be taught:

  • Language: English and Literacy 
  • Mathematics and Numeracy 
  • Sciences 
  • Social Studies 
  • Physical Education 
  • Religious, Moral and Philosophical Education 
  • Personal and Social Education 
  • Additional Learning Support tutorial time may be possible.  This will be considered on an individual basis according to their need.

To allow them to start to personalise their curriculum they will get to choose from:

  • French (Languages) – Note: The continued study of a foreign language is strongly encouraged.
  • Mandarin (Languages)
  • Practical Craft (Technologies)
  • Computer Games Design (Technologies)
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) (Technologies)
  • Music (Expressive Arts)
  • Physical Education (some aspects of Expressive Arts)
  • Art & Design (Expressive Arts)

Today, S2 pupils were taken through this process and have access to the information book and options form below. Please feel free to discuss this with your child, as they have been asked to speak to parents and agree the choices that they are going to make. If you have any questions about the process or the options available please contact your Guidance teacher.

Link to Information booklet S3 Information Booklet

Link to Options Form S2-3 option form 21

HPV vaccinations

The NHS School Nursing team have provided letters to S1/2 pupils this week, regarding their HPV vaccination programme. A handful of older pupils that have been missed in previous programmes have also received these consent letters. Can you please check with your child and sign and return these forms to the school office for tomorrow, Friday 23 April.


As we approach our first Assessment window next week, can any pupils who have a query about their Alternative Assessment Arrangements as outlined in their email/letter on the 3 March, can you please speak to Mrs Crane or Mr Ross tomorrow, Friday 23 April. Some pupils will have already received a further update from Mrs Crane on the 12 April, please discuss this with your parents and again see Mrs Crane or Mr Ross if you have any questions, so they can have it ready for you next week.