Toilet Twinning Update


Thank you to all pupils, staff and parents for a great day of fundraising for Toilet Twinning. The S3 pupils did a brilliant job at organising events, quizzes, decorating cakes, posters and collecting money. Toilet roll dodgeball was exciting. Staff vs Pupils volleyball wasn’t bad either… pretty sure the staff won – okay, maybe it was a draw.  The grand total will be shared later today.

Dress-down Day

Today (Tuesday) is a dress-down day and we asked pupils to dress in blue in support of Toilet Twinning. Pupils were asked to bring a pound for non-uniform and some change for sweet treats and other activities this afternoon.

If anyone would like to learn more about toilet twinning then please have a look at their website:  There is a great video to explain school toilet twinning. We hope to twin two school toilet blocks 🚽. Toilet Twinning Video

If anyone outside school would like to make a donation themselves, then this can be dropped into the school office.

Summer Music Concert

Join us for the evening of 28 June for our Summer Concert which showcases the musical talent of Grantown Grammar School.
Tickets: Adults £5 Concessions £4
Available from the school office or at the door on the night. Starts 7 pm.
Summer Concert

Strava Cycling Challenge

Well well, on our wee jaunt around the World, we’re almost home. With less the 1,500 km (930 miles) to go, we’re collectively bobbing around the Atlantic Ocean somewhere above the Maury Seachannel and Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Well done to the staff and pupils who have contributed so far.
Will we finish off the Challenge before the Summer holidays?

The “Bake-off” beckons!

S4 pupil Shannon is enjoying fortnightly baking sessions with Volunteer Support Assistant [and Former Head teacher] Mairi Robertson. Shannon [who is autistic] is a very good practical student and spends an exciting hour on Tuesdays [Grantown’s flexible timetable afternoon] conjuring up culinary delights. She also spends time in Home Economics in the main class where she is equally adept! Keep up the good work Shannon – the “Bake Off” beckons!

Scottish Squad for Wizzy!

We are delighted to report that Wizzy – one of our S5 pupils- has been selected for the Scottish Under 17 Netball Squad. As a regular GGS school team player, Highland District Netball Squad player and Grantown Osprey Club player , we are delighted for her selection and very proud to have been part of her journey so far.

Wizzy was a motivated as a Netball player from a young age- her mum Becks, is a stalwart of the Grantown Ospreys Senior team- so it came as no surprise to see Wizzy following in her mother’s footsteps. Like her mum she likes the scent of an attacking ball and has carved a niche for herself as a centre – court player, where she can dart around the court at high speed. The “Centre” bib is her natural choice however, she has also donned the Goal Attack bib in her school and district teams and is mighty on the Wing too.

Her speed and agility set her apart from her opposition and it will be interesting to see how her game develops as she attends National Squad training. Hopefully, she will remember to come back to her school and club teams to impart her new- found knowledge!! Looking forward to the 2017-18 season and as part of the school team Wizzy will undoubtedly prove to be an integral part of the Senior team to enter the Open Tournament in this year’s Scottish Schools Netball Cup! Watch this space!