Parent Council Meeting 01/02/22

Grantown Grammar School Parent Council will be holding their meeting via Zoom at 7pm on Tuesday 1 February. Following communication from the school yesterday on the proposed change of curriculum, there will be an opportunity to discuss this consultation. If you wish to attend, please contact the Parent Council on so that we can send you documents and an access link.

Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic 04/02/22

NHS Highland will be running a Covid-19 vaccination clinic at the school on Friday 4 February 2022.
This will be exactly 12 weeks from the last clinic on Friday 12 November 2021, but is open to anyone wishing to get their first, second or booster doses of the vaccine. Every pupil will be offered the leaflet, letter and consent form to take home tomorrow, Wednesday 26 January and we ask that if you wish to attend this clinic, you return these completed forms to the school office as soon as possible.

If pupils have completed the consent forms, they will be called down by year group throughout the morning and can return after the vaccine, to continue in class as normal.

Further information about the vaccine and copies of the leaflet can be found at

Upcoming Senior Phase Prelims

A gentle reminder that our Prelims start next week.

Some advice for Senior Pupils about checking personalised prelim timetables and what happens during the prelims can be found here. We also put out guidance and advice to pupils about their responsibilities while prelims are on, which can be found here. As one S3 put it, “it just means we need to keep as quiet as possible doesn’t it”. Yes.

NHS Highland Vaccine consents

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is offered to every S1 pupil in Scotland. Evidence shows the HPV vaccine helps protect both boys and girls from HPV-related cancers. NHS Highland provided Information and consent letters in December, to pupils in S1 and some from S2 and S3 that missed out previously. Can you please ensure your consent is returned to the school reception by Tuesday 11 January, so they can progress with the HPV vaccination programme at the end of this month.

Also, S3 and S4 Pupils will receive information and a consent letter at tutor time on Tuesday 11 January, for Diptheria, Tetanus/Polio and Men ACWY Vaccination programme. Can you please discuss this with your child and return your completed consent forms to the school reception by Tuesday 18 January.

School closed

Good morning, unfortunately stagecoach are unable to put buses out this morning due to the icy conditions and lack of grit on the roads. This means that very unfortunately, the school is CLOSED today. However, work will be posted on Google Classroom for pupils. Stay safe, stay warm, log onto your chrome books and have a good weekend.

Prelim update

Happy New Year everyone.

It’s lovely having the pupils back in the school today. Our Senior pupils might not want to think about it after a lovely two weeks away but our Prelims are just around the corner and there have been some small changes to the timetable to have a look at.

Individual timetables which detail exact rooms, times and seats will be out asap but in the meantime, please check the master timeable here.