Battlefields & Themepark trip – 2020

As stated in the trip letter the deadline for handing in a deposit was due to be tomorrow (Friday) however due to a lack of numbers this deadline will be extended. At this moment the date can not be given however pupils will be informed as we hear back from the tour company.

Pupils will also find out if they have been selected for the trip very shortly.

The University of Aberdeen – So You Want to Study Law Event – 20th March 2019

The University of Aberdeen Reach Project would like to invite S4-5 pupils who are interested in studying Law to ‘So you want to study Law?’ career insight day on Wednesday 20th March 2019. The event is due to run from 10.00am- 3.30pm at the MacRobert Building, King’s College Campus, University of Aberdeen.

Pupils attending the event will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in interactive workshops with university lecturers, legal professionals and current student.
  • Meet current law students to discover what studying law at Aberdeen is like
  • Learn about the admissions process, entrance requirements and careers prospects

How to book

Places are limited to 5 pupils per school and will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Early booking is therefore recommended. Please book your places by email to

S3 Prelim experience (follow up)

Well done to our S3 pupils today. I think it would be stretching things to say they enjoyed their prelim/exam experience but we hope they took something from it and that it will help them prepare for the next time they sit in that type of room and atmosphere.

They took things seriously, worked quietly, tried their best and lived up to the expectation of an actual exam. Well done all. Now, go and enjoy a well deserved long weekend!

We’ll see everyone again on Thursday 21 Feb.

Professor Brian Cox

On Wednesday 20 Feb, some of our Mathematicians and physicists are going to listen to a lecture by Professor Brian Cox in Aberdeen. We thought we’d let him know we were coming and if we should do some homework in advance. Within 10 mins we had a reply.

We’re all looking forward to the lecture.

S3 Prelims experience

The first time pupils experience the full exam atmosphere is when they sit their S4 prelims. This can often be a stressful time so to help our pupils prepare for this we are using tomorrow as a chance for S3 pupils to sit some course work in the exam experience while the Hall is set up. It’ll also give them the chance to hear why it is so important to be quiet when others are sitting their prelims and exams.

Prelim Day 11

Thursday is the last of our original scheduled Prelims.  However, remember that Business Management had to be moved to Thursday 21 Feb following the snow day last Monday.Prelims 2019 Day 11