School Uniform

School Dress

The school, with the full support of the Parent Council, requires that all pupils conform to our uniform and the support of parents is needed in order to ensure that pupils maintain a high standard of dress at all times. Parents have the most influence when it comes to school dress. The uniform at its most basic is black and white and should be achievable by all. It should be noted that uniform concerns will be recorded and repeated concerns will now result in sanctions which will include limiting pupil access to privileges e.g. attending school events such as discos and the Prom or representing the school in extra-curricular activities.

S1/S4 Uniform
GGS polo shirt, sweatshirt or hooded top.  Alternatively, a white or black shirt/blouse or sweatshirt may be worn.

Black trousers or skirts of an appropriate length

Black or dark coloured shoes

S5/S6 Uniform

In addition to the above, School Uniform for S5/S6 includes of:

White shirt/blouse + school or house tie or GGS senior polo shirt or hooded top

Black trousers or skirts of an appropriate length

Black or dark coloured shoes

All Years

During very hot weather, pupils may wear plain black or grey shorts of an appropriate length as provided by uniform suppliers.

Unacceptable Dress
The following are not acceptable for normal school wear:

Blue denim shirts, jackets or jeans
Track suits/sportswear
Jogging trousers
Tee-shirts or sweatshirts emblazoned with logos
e.g. football advertising or pop group logos etc.
Items which are extremes of fashion
Clothing which does not adequately cover the body or undergarments
Loose or highly flammable clothing
Facial jewellery

In general any items of dress or clothing likely to cause offence or lead to unrest in the school, or which is considered to be a health and safety issue, will be deemed unacceptable.

Grantown Grammar School uniform is available from:

Zippy Embroidery
Kylintra Mill, Grantown-on-Spey Tel: 01479 873613

Highland Schoolwear

Academy Street, Inverness Tel: 01463 717182

Gilmour Sports
Tel: 01463 222022

The House ties are currently available for purchase, (£6.50) from the Guidance Department.

The wearing of items of jewellery can cause injury. In any situation where large numbers of people are in close proximity any appendage can put the wearer and others at risk. Pupils will be asked to remove any items of jewellery considered to cause a health and safety risk. In addition, in some subjects, e.g. PE, pupils will be required to remove all items of jewellery. It is, therefore, not acceptable for a young person to come to school with earrings, facial jewellery or other form of body piercing which cannot be removed.
If body piercing or similar work requires that a ring or stud remain in place for a number of weeks, then this should be done early in the summer holidays.

PE Kit
All pupils are required to change clothes and shoes for P.E. lessons. Appropriate kit for Physical Education is as follows:

Shorts and/or tracksuit bottoms/leggings
Sweatshirt/tracksuit top (optional)
Training shoes/gym shoes
Note: for indoor P.E. shoes must be clean and non-marking.
Football boots for outdoor games (optional)
One-piece swimsuit and towel for swimming lessons

Please click this link to read the letter issued to parents

Please note that aerosol sprays must not be used in school as this can cause serious health problems for some pupils.